"Puffin's King of Horror"—publisher's publicity

Infinity Plus one

Infinity Plus one

(Most recent edition: November 2001; PS Publishing; cover by Dominic Harman.)

Infinity Plus one

From Antarctic history to mines on the moon, from fast food drive-ins to some of the strangest places imaginable, from alternate worlds to how the future was really meant to be ... Infinity Plus one collects together stories from some of the leading names in speculative fiction.

In 1997 the infinity plus website was launched to showcase some of the best in SF, fantasy and horror fiction. Infinity Plus one features the work of some of the site's major contributors -- stories chosen by the writers themselves, stories dear to their hearts and deserving renewed attention.

The contributors are: Jeff VanderMeer, Tony Daniel, Ian R MacLeod, Paul Di Filippo, Mary Gentle, James Patrick Kelly, Kim Stanley Robinson, Garry Kilworth, Kit Reed, Michael Swanwick, Patrick O'Leary, Michael Bishop, Kim Newman; plus an introduction by Peter F Hamilton.

"A ground-breaking anthology from some of the very best writers in the business today, assembled from the electronic 'pages' of one of the Internet's most valuable resources for intelligent science fiction of high literary quality." - Gardner Dozois

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