'I am so here! Genetopia is a meditation on identity - what it means to be human and what it means to be you - and the necessity of change. It's also one heck of an adventure story. Snatch it up!' —Michael Swanwick, Hugo award-winning author of Bones of the Earth

Infinity Plus two

Infinity Plus two

(Most recent edition: July 2003; PS Publishing; cover by Richard Powers.)

Infinity Plus two

"A ground-breaking anthology from some of the very best writers in the business today, assembled from the electronic 'pages' of one of the Internet's most valuable resources for intelligent science fiction of high literary quality." - Gardner Dozois (referring to Infinity Plus one)

With tales of genetic dabbling, literary oppression, nanotechnology and lush fantasy, with crucifixion, vampires, interplanetary financial wheeler-dealing, strange beasts and fairy tales ... Infinity Plus two collects together stories from some of the leading names in speculative fiction.

In 1997 the infinity plus website was launched to showcase some of the best in SF, fantasy and horror fiction. The anthology Infinity Plus one followed in 2001 and, like its predecessor, Infinity Plus two features the work of some of the site's major contributors -- stories chosen by the writers themselves, stories dear to their hearts and deserving renewed attention.

The contributors are: Adam Roberts, Ian McDonald, Lisa Goldstein, Stephen Baxter, Michael Moorcock, Brian Stableford, Vonda McIntyre, Charles Stross, Paul Park, Paul McAuley, Eric Brown, Terry Bisson and Lucius Shepard; plus an introduction by John Clute.

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