'It works brilliantly. In The Accord, Keith Brooke has created a dazzling work of the imagination.'—SF Site

Liberty Spin: tales of scientifiction

Liberty Spin: tales of scientifiction

(Most recent edition: December 2010; infinity plus.)

Liberty Spin: tales of scientifiction

Multiple personalities fighting for control of a single body; a single personality constantly splitting and reinventing itself and its past; a Mars that never was; an interstellar war that has always been. Nine science-fiction stories, each with a new afterword, from an author described by Locus as "in the recognized front ranks of SF writers".


Jurassic and the Great Tree
A Different Sky
Welcome to the Green Planet
Queen Bee
Liberty Spin

'"Jurassic and the Great Tree", with its brilliant and remorseless anthropological logic, resembles Michael Bishop at his best. But that's because it's well-argued anthropology, rather than well-copied Bishop.'
Simon Ings, Foundation

'a dazzling work of the imagination.'
SF Site, of Brooke's The Accord

"I am so here! Genetopia is a meditation on identity - what it means to be human and what it means to be you - and the necessity of change. It's also one heck of an adventure story. Snatch it up!"
Michael Swanwick

"If Roald Dahl had written science fiction, he would have written this kind"
Amazon review

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