'Highly recommended for those who enjoy intelligent fantasy.'—Good Reads on The Unlikely World of Faraway Frankie

Memesis: modifiction and other strange changes

Memesis: modifiction and other strange changes

(Most recent edition: December 2010; infinity plus.)

Memesis: modifiction and other strange changes

A world where islands of rock float on a molten sea, a man whose son flies high while he can only watch, a seaside town held together by the belief of its inhabitants. Eight stories about strange changes and the strangely changed, each with a new afterword by the author of Publishers Weekly starred novels Genetopia and The Accord. Includes new story "The Horseman of Two Torrents, or..."


Queen of the Burn Plain
Riding the Serpent's Back
The Horseman of Two Torrents, or...
The Domegame and Mr P
The Art of Self-Abuse (free sample: complete story available online)
Beside the Sea

'I have read "Beside the Sea" perhaps four or five times since its original publication... It's a magical fantasy, a parable in the form of a rite-of-passage story, both frightening and bizarre... It's a story I come back to again and again, and one which I wish I had written myself - and there can be no greater recommendation than that.'
Eric Brown

'It is wiser about youth and imagination than most other novels published today; and everybody, of whatever age, should read it...'
Adam Roberts on The Unlikely World of Faraway Frankie

'Brooke is a master story teller... another great collection from Keith Brooke, a writer who deserves wider recognition. I'd recommend it highly.'
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