'A masterclass... not only a marvelously compelling exploration of a fantastical world, but a meditation upon the nature of fiction itself ... one of the best things Brooke has ever written.'—Adam Roberts on The Unlikely World of Faraway Frankie



(Most recent edition: March 2012; infinite press.)


All the forensics point to Joey Bannerman - the DNA profile, the fingerprints, the pheromone signature, the security cam records... But Joey wasn't there, he wasn't in his body at the time of the hit. Joey is a sweat, and he was safely warehoused away while someone else paid to ride his bones... Or at least, that's his defence.

After its initial publication in Postscripts, Sweats was adapted to become part of Brooke's critically-acclaimed novel The Accord, described by SF Site as "one of the finest novels of virtual reality yet written".

A high-tech, near-future cyber-thriller, Sweats showcases the short fiction skills of an author described by Locus as belonging in "the recognized front ranks of SF writers".

"intelligent, well-written, head-fuck science fiction"
James Everington, Scattershot Writing

"The Accord is not only Brooke's best novel to date, but one of the finest to broach the subject of virtual reality"
The Guardian

"a rare treat"
Publishers Weekly on The Accord

"a literary science fiction tour de force"
SciFi Wire on The Accord

"a truly major sf work that should be considered for all eligible awards"
SFF World on The Accord

"Keith Brooke's prose achieves a rare honesty and clarity, his characters always real people, his situations intriguing and often moving."
Jeff VanderMeer

"I am so here! Genetopia is a meditation on identity - what it means to be human and what it means to be you - and the necessity of change. It's also one heck of an adventure story. Snatch it up!"
Michael Swanwick

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