'The Accord is a literary science fiction tour de force that is sure to be one of the best novels of 2009. Novels this good have seldom appeared as mass-market paperbacks since the halcyon days of the Ace Specials.'—SciFi Wire

Insights: The Kon-tiki Quartet, book three

Insights: The Kon-tiki Quartet, book three

(Most recent edition: June 2019; PS Publishing; cover by Ben Baldwin.)

Insights: The Kon-tiki Quartet, book threeWritten with Eric Brown.

On the colony world of Newhaven, biologist Travis Denholme has refined the drug by which the planet's alien species achieve telepathic contact. He has the means of bringing telepathy to the human race, and faces the dilemma of whether to make his discovery public knowledge - and risk changing everything. But before he and psychiatrist Kat Manning can decide on a way forward, an assassin attempts to kill them. As they flee for their lives, they must find out not only why they are being targeted by a ruthless killer, but why someone is trying to eradicate the planet's largest lifeform, the geosaurs.

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